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Violence Against Women

The purpose of violence against women is usually to control the woman’s behavior or to instill fear.  It is important to remember that regardless of the situation or the relationship, it is never the fault of the woman if she is being abused.  Violence against women is a result of the abuser’s need for control and power.  The woman is not responsible for the abuse.

Violence against women is a crime.  This abuse must be stopped as every person has the right to safety, equality, dignity, respect and freedom of choice.

Violence against women refers to any unwanted act against a woman by any person.  The abuser could be a husband, partner, boyfriend, stranger, family member or even a friend.  Violence and abuse comes in many forms.  It can be physical, sexual, emotional or verbal, psychological or financial abuse.

Types of Violence & Abuse:

Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse is usually the easiest to identify.  It may include the following:

  • slapping, punching, choking, biting, hitting, kicking
  • burning (with cigarette or lighter)
  • throwing or breaking things
  • refusing to help the woman when she is sick
  • threatening or using any form of weapon
  • locking the woman out of the house or inside a room
  • mutilation
  • disabling
  • murder

 Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse includes may include any of the following:

  • unwanted touching
  • painful sexual activities
  • sexual assault (rape) which may include date/acquaintance rape
  • forced sexual activities
  • sexual accusations
  • criticizing sexual performance
  • demeaning jokes or names
  • forced to watch/view/participate in pornography
  • treating a woman like a sexual object
  • withholding sex or affections
  • publicly showing sexual interest in other women


It is not your fault.
No one asks to be abused.
No one deserves to be abused.
The perpetrator alone is responsible for the violence.