First Step Womens Shelter


All Shelter services are confidential and free of charge.  Staff are available to support and assist in decision making and problem solving, however the woman is responsible for making her own choices.  It is always the woman’s decision as to what services she participates in.

Services currently provided include:

Support & Safety

support and safety in a comfortable environment;

Support & Counselling

support and counselling from Shelter staff;


Referrals and support to outside agencies including counselling, child services, family services, hospitals, clinics, police, legal services and other helpful community resources;

Emergency Clothing

Emergency clothing for women and children;


Transportation to appointment and social service organizations for safety purposes;

Accompaniment to Appointments

Staff accompaniment to appointments if requested;

Child & Youth Programs

Child and youth program which includes activities, crafts and recreation;

24-Hour Support

24 hour in-house support and crisis intervention assistance;

Information & Resources

Information (print, audio and video) on parenting, violence, abuse, healthy lifestyles, healing, etc.;

Follow-Up Contact

Follow-up contact for the woman who chooses to maintain contact with the shelter through the use of the Transitional Housing & Support Program;

Advocacy within Systems

Advocacy within systems (i.e. housing, courts, etc.)