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Women's Stories of Inspiration


Sometimes silence is goodimage
Sometimes silence is not good
Sometimes you need silence
Sometimes silence is good

Sometimes silence can hurt.
It's when the silence hurts that you should speak out
Sometimes silence is the scariest thing to break out of.
But when you break the silence, you realize you are not alone.
Breaking the silence is when you start to heal.

I broke out of my silence
It was one of the hardest things that I had to do in my life
And now I am healing
I am not alone
You are not alone.

Written by: Martha Gray; Former Resident


Take Back the Night

Tonight we marched for the sake of all women and children,
In a community struggle to reclaim their stolen freedom
Tonight we spoke out to break the silence
To remind ourselves of the prevalence of violence.

Tonight we marched without the safety of light
To rally support and promote human rights
To live in a world that is free of danger
To be able to walk our street without fear of strangers

Although tonight we marched to take back the night
Remember tomorrow to continue the light
To put an end to a child's pain and tears
Through support and positive example all through the year.

Written by: Karen Wilson


Indian Prayer

Oh Great Spirit,
Whose Voice I hear in the winds
Hear me, for I am young small and weak
I need your strength and wisdom

I seek strength Oh Great One
Not to be superior to my brothers
But to conquer my greatest enemy.

I seek wisdom
The lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock
So that I may learn and carry this message
of life and hope to my people

May my hands respect the many beautiful
things you have made.
My ears be sharp to hear your voice
May I always walk in your beauty
And let my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunsets

So when life fades like the setting sun
My spirit will come to you without shame.


Author Unknown